Steve Herman's Q&A on NDTV (India) about Trump's legal woes

There is intense interest internationally about the how and why of a possible indictment of former US President Donald Trump.

Mar 22, 2023

When will Donald Trump be indicted and on what charges? Why would he be indicted? Those are some of the questions I am being asked by TV newscasters in other countries. As I note in this on-air discussion much remains speculation. And I am also trying to provide a bit of historical context. We did have a sitting U.S. president arrested but it was more of an embarrassment than a scandal. And did you know there was a party nominee for U.S. president who campaigned from behind bars? But a Trump indictment would be unprecedented in other ways. View the video of our interview on NDTV to see how I describe all of this for a non-American audience.